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Film Slate Marker
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My love for images began when I was very young, developing my first 8x10 photographs in my uncle’s makeshift darkroom. Seeing those images appear before my eight-year-old eyes? That, to me, was magic. Soon after that I discovered my love for cinema, when my mom took me to see “Tommy”, and “Saturday Night Fever” (Yes, I was way too young – but hey, it was the 70’s). My curiosity was ignited. I discovered later that I was attracted to a naturalistic approach, creating a sense of delicate beauty with a raw edge. As much I loved capturing images, it eventually wasn’t enough - I needed to go deeper. Directing was the answer. The ability to work with actors and investigate genuine, human feelings - that’s when it all "clicked.” The accumulation of my years capturing images, interpreting a feeling through light and camera angles, and investigating actors’ feelings, helped me to discover the rhythm of a scene. This is my joy; sharing human truths through story, sound, light, movement and performance.



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